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Paramount Consulting Services is an independent financial advisory and wealth management firm providing clients with unique solutions derived from our insightful outlook and market understanding.


Paramount Consulting Services offers a variety of services, ranging from investment planning and tax guidance to asset management, portfolio diversification and bespoke investment strategies. Based in Japan, with a global network of dedicated analysts, we provide clients with access to diverse opportunities, with our team serving to help you assess the options and make the right decisions. 

Our expert service has been built upon ensuring our clients are satisfied, and with your own dedicated personal advisor, we seek to deliver a bespoke service to address your concerns, establish a plan and develop your portfolio. With Paramount Consulting Services, clients gain a reliable partner in the pursuit of your goals, with our team on hand to help you achieve financial success.

global network of dedicated analysts

Proven track record of success

Offices Across the south-pacific

We deliver to each of our clients a personalized service based upon individual needs and objectives, with our team of professional advisors generating innovative strategies and bespoke financial plans.

Since our founding, we have upheld a reputation for excellence through dedication and intelligent market modeling, allowing us to identify opportunities and ensure our strategies have strong foundations. Together with our consistent support throughout your financial endeavors, we maintain capital appreciation through steadfast asset and investment management, and look to increase wealth in a secure manner whilst mitigating risk.