About Us

Today we still uphold our founding principles and values, Built upon the tenets of integrity, transparency and responsibility

Paramount Consulting Services has become one of the most trusted and recognized investment firms in Asia, delivering intelligent advice and ensuring our clients’ success through diligent planning, intelligent asset management and insight based upon our understanding of diverse global economies, industries and markets.

 We have developed an extensive network allowing us to identify early-stage opportunities for our clients to capitalize on. With a vast and steadily-growing team of professionals based around the region, we deliver complete coverage of both emerging and established markets, using in-depth research and analysis to uncover value and generate solutions and opportunities for our clients. 

Today, we still uphold our founding principles and values. Built upon the tenets of integrity, transparency and responsibility, we put great emphasis on maintaining a quality service and outstanding corporate governance, practicing with ethical rectitude and holding ourselves to the highest of standards. 

At Paramount Consulting Services, we understand that each of our clients faces different obstacles, holds individual objectives and requires a bespoke approach and strategy.

As such, we provide individual clients with a dedicated personal advisor, focused solely on your interests and helping you to reach your goals.

With a diverse client base, consisting of private investors, family trusts and international companies, we take the time to develop a unique strategy built around you and your existing interests. Paramount Consulting Services delivers a personalized service unrivalled by our competitors, from careful initial planning to continual support and experienced investment management, and through commitment, ensure that your objectives are achieved.

With our qualified perspective, extensive network and comprehensive understanding of both our clients and the markets, we offer informed guidance you can trust. We meet each individual requirement by establishing a bespoke strategy and generating intelligent solutions based on the current market and economic environments.

We at Paramount Consulting Services believe that communication is essential to a fruitful and effective relationship, and our senior team of professionals is dedicated to our clients’ success. We frequently liaise with clients to provide information on potential opportunities and risk, and work closely with you to build a solid portfolio and ensure asset and investment performance and efficiency.